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Meet Mer
Hi, I'm Meredith

Everyone shines given the proper lighting.

The secret to that kindle is finding it and knowing when it finds you. For some it’s the big bright lights of the theater stage and for others it’s a warm candle’s glow. I am here to help ignite your internal light through coaching and development. It’s a place of mystery. A place of discovery. It’s where you find the courage to believe in what you can’t see and stumble across things you may not have been looking for.

About Me

What others have to say.

Meredith is the best executive coach I have worked with, in addition to being a phenomenal trainer and facilitator. She has an incredible ability to make people feel heard, and allows them to find a path to success by asking the right questions and allowing them the space to make better decisions. 

She is able to push people to be more successful with an approach that is supportive and empathetic. Meredith has a lovely, positive and caring energy that people are drawn to, and allows them to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and explore what is holding them back and explore what could make them more effective and happy.
Christina Komporlis
Chief Executive Officer
Meredith is the real deal! Someone that not only reads people better than anyone I know, but zooms in quickly. She inspires you to show up BIG and not leave anything left behind. She stretches you at times until the muscles ache but you will leave a conversation with her never feeling more alive. She is direct, super smart, and believes in pushing with conviction while pulling with heart. 

There is not a coach or leadership facilitator that is more skilled at casting a spell like this one!
Kevin Connor
SVP Technology
The list of names, job titles, and personalities that Meredith has successfully coached and built lifelong relationships with is expansive and impressive; almost as impressive as Meredith's ability to treat every person, regardless of who they are, as unique individuals with their own story and background.

I do not exaggerate one bit when I say that Meredith literally changed the course of my life and career, and directly impacted the mindset I bring to each day. I am so grateful to Meredith for all the life changing career guidance she has given me and even more grateful that I can call her a friend.
Annie Gluskin
Manager People
Meredith is the constant and consistent calm that prevails amidst the change, chaos and crises that prevail in any 21st century company. Meredith has many years of success and credibility as an executive coach working with leaders in the most senior ranks within their organizations. 

At Dow Jones Meredith provided an enormously valuable service coaching executives to maximize productivity and, as a result, to get the best results from their teams.  For me specifically, Meredith provided a safe and judgment-free space. Meredith helped me to realize and, more importantly, to accept that most executives grapple with the same insecurities, issues and challenges. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned is that we are in our roles to lead, provide guidance and direction - not to be perfect. 
Susan Copperman
Former CEO
Meredith changes the energy in the room. She understands people and relationships alongside the context of the business. Working with Meredith is unique - she makes you feel safe and valued and in doing so she can very quickly get to the stuff that matters. 

She can be extremely honest and give you the actionable feedback you need (that may be hard to hear) but she does it with such care and warmth that even when it’s hard - you go back for more as it makes a difference.
Suzi Watford
Chief Marketing Officer
Meredith has two traits that make her an exemplary coach. 

1. Her ears. She is a deep listener, who hears between the lines to tease out what you yourself probably missed. 

2. Her heart. To talk to her is to be bathed in empathy, emotional intelligence, and good humor. She helped me clear paths around professional and personal obstacles both real and imagined. And she can help you, too.
Jeremy Olshan
Within just a few months, I was able to achieve a better life/work balance, improve my wellbeing and set a clear vision for my future. With her guidance, I have grown both as a human being and as a professional.

Above all, this was made possible by her uniquely supportive coaching style. Meredith created a safe space for self-discovery, effortlessly fostered a growth mindset and conducted each session with an unwavering optimism, while still keeping me accountable. As a result, each session ended in a new, deeper understanding of myself and the next steps to take on the path of improvement.
Svetlana Tukhachevskaya
Director Data Strategy
I can honestly say that every meeting or call I have had with Meredith has left me feeling refreshed, energized and empowered. She has the ability to motivate through energy, compassion, empathy, and ‘tough love’, when necessary. 

By quickly recognizing my strengths, she was able to help me work through obstacles, especially when self-created, and calling me out when I am not being fair to myself and the work that I do. I feel that she has given me tools to navigate professional challenges that will be useful to me for a long time to come
Lindsey Bernard
VP Sales
One of the greatest gifts one could possess is the ability to bring out the best in others. That's exactly the gift Meredith has, and she's made it her life's work.

Meredith can instantly see into your soul. Within minutes, she can identify all that is beautiful about you and where your roadblocks are. She's the most compassionate guide and partner--with a full arsenal of tools and resources--to help those of us who are ready to grow and reach for our highest purpose in life.
Ashley Henson
VP Communications
Meredith Lubitz is a creative, empathetic leader and coach who hears what is said and unsaid, helping her clients improve relationships, find clarity and achieve professional goals that were previously unattainable. She is a wonderful partner who excels at nurturing career development and personal growth for professionals at all stages of their careers, through work with individuals or through her highly successful leadership programs. 

Her intelligence, ability to read people and a room, her clarity and kindness -- always kindness -- lead to lasting and meaningful results.
Karen Pensiero
Managing Editor
Meredith is a wonderful and authentic coach, always putting people at the centre of everything she does. I have seen so many that have benefitted from her coaching and have become excellent leaders. 

Thank you for all you have done for me, Meredith - it's worth a lifetime. Keep shining!
Elayne Gan
GM and Head of Sales
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Fearless is not about lacking fear.  It is an essential part of life that keeps us protected and safe. Sometimes, though, fear can stand in the way of what we want and where we stand. How do we listen to it, but not surrender to it? How do we no longer postpone our dreams? I can help you curate what to carry and what to leave behind by reshaping your relationship with fear. We all have it, but how do you let it not have you? 

Build, grow and live as only you can. My hope? Is that you surprise yourself.