I'm Meredith.

I'm a mother, coach, and optimist committed to helping you uncover your full, fearless potential.

About me.

It’s difficult explaining what I do but easier to explain why I do it. For as long as I can remember, I have had an insatiable interest in human potential. To help people forge the life they want to live and leave nothing on the table. Executive, life, career coaching, wellness and people development have been my tools of service and in many ways, my ”home.” ‍‍

My career has spanned over 30 years as a Fortune 500 Senior Executive leading People Development, Executive Coaching, Learning, Employee Engagement and Talent Management at some of the world's leading companies such as Dow Jones | WSJ, American Express, KPMG, and About.com. I am incredibly fortunate to have coached, trained and developed thousands of executives, leaders, and teams in search of building not only a better career but a better life. Most recently, I served as the sole internal Executive Coach and Advisor at Dow Jones/WSJ for its global population.

Calling on a wealth of leadership training, award winning programming, certifications, tools and frameworks I have designed over the past 3 decades, I have a lot in the arsenal to draw from. 

✦  Executive Coach and Advisor to C-Suite, Executives and Aspiring Leaders
✦ Head of Talent Management and People Development
✦ Head of Leadership and Management Development
✦ Executive Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
✦ Head of Wellness Programming 
✦ Head of Employee Engagement and Effectiveness
✦ Keynote and Podcast Speaker

✦ Brandon Hall Gold Excellence Award for Best Advance in Women’s Leadership
✦ Crain’s NY Business Notable Women in Talent
✦ Keynote Speaker on Coaching, Future-of-Work, Leadership and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
✦ Book Contributor - The Leadership Mindshift
✦ Leadership In Action Award and Top Talent Designation

✦ Cornell University - MA
✦ Fielding University Executive Certified Coach
✦ Certified in Numerous Psychometric instruments such as Hogan, Leadership Circle, Management Impact and Leadership Impact, Personality Inventory, MBTI, Lominger, DISC, StrengthsFinder
✦ Talent and Training Boards and Editorial Contributor
✦ Certified Pop Pilates Instructor

My mantra is simple: Help people reimagine and ignite what’s possible. 

While I have won awards and notoriety in the coaching, talent and leadership development space, and being recognized certainly feels good, these are mere symbols of my commitment in helping others do their most important work:
To help people to see what I see. Their superpowers!

My unique style.

Colloquially referred to as the Barbara Walters of the corporate world. With a warm, authentic, straight talk approach, I get to the heart of you - your roadblocks and your potential in lightning speed. Coupled with an intuitive “see you from the inside vibe", I help you live the life and the career you deserve by first cutting through the noise and peeling back the onion.  My job is to uncover the nuanced layers, barriers, and beliefs, in order to help navigate through your roadblocks, fears, and a future that you deserve to claim.

My esprit de corps captures intense commitment and at times relentless energy for what’s possible.  The work is working when I make you feel and not always feel good.  To help you see yourself and the world in new ways. To become the leader and person you are meant to be.  

And in case you are wondering…

Like you, I have fear and self-doubt. Welcome to being human!



Let's face it...

We all have some sort of vision for our life and the way we want to experience the world. However, we may not be clear on what it looks like or the steps to get there. There are no manuals. No user guides. And that’s where I come in. I will help with the directional signals, together we will roadmap the journey, and in time you will find your way to a better ending.‍

Whether it’s….

✦ updating your sense of identity

✦ accelerating through a transition

✦ shedding imposter syndrome

✦ strengthening emotional and relational intelligence

✦ unlocking your and your team’s potential

✦ strengthening your executive presence

✦ shaking labels and fear

✦ navigating through uncertainty and change

5Fun Facts!

I’m a wife to an extraordinary partner and best friend and a mom to twin boys who have the strongest influence over my style and sleep patterns. 

I’m a strawberry rhubarb pie fiend and wholeheartedly believe
it never needs an occasion.

I’m a Costa Rica land owner and will be offering 1-1 coaching sessions and retreats in the future. I’ve found the natural beauty of this country is one of the greatest elixirs to a busy mind. #PuraVida

I love the peacefulness and tacitness of the rain and am admittedly umbrella-phobic. 

I’m a Pop Pilates convert and instructor, and love helping people fall in love with movement whether it’s cardio, pilates, dance, kickboxing or deep stretching. One moves different when one wants different.