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1-1 Coaching
Training & Team Building

1-1 Coaching

The majority of my practice is dedicated to performance coaching.  I work with emerging leaders, executives and the C-Suite. We start our time together, where it’s just you and me.  I’m here to tease out your truth beyond the carefully crafted version of you. You will gain a clear vision on what you have and what you really want, and together we will build a blueprint to bridge the gap between the two. You will be challenged and taken out of your comfort zone. Over a period of days, weeks and months, you’ll identify how best to showcase your strengths and meet your goals faster. The investment in you is worth it! And I’ll be alongside every step of the way!

Coaching engagements are highly personalized. But these are some of the things you can expect on the playlist:
- “ Me In 3” Coaching Blueprint: which helps you tap into your unique vision, values, and strengths so you can go for what you want with greater clarity and confidence.
- Acceleration Assessment: that informs today versus your vision for tomorrow.
- Powerful Self
-Activation Techniques: to help get your inner game right.
- Growth Plan: that incorporates mind-shifting frameworks and behavioral techniques that help you activate momentum.

Training & Teambuilding

‍Each program draws on 30 years of design and delivery experience along with a few awards to throw in the hat. Anchored by three pillars: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Business. From management training to team effectiveness, a year-long experience to a one day immersion  - every bespoke program is big on action and big on results. 

Programs  include:

- Blueprint: outlining your objectives, priorities and roadmap. Your compass that will accompany you on your journey in learning new skills and behaviors.

- Success Canvas: incorporating powerful techniques to help you approach each step on the staircase with focus and momentum.

- Game Plan: threading tools that integrate learning with activation for you and your team.

In a safe and fun environment, you will learn the ‘soft’ skills to deliver the hard results.


I love inspiring and connecting with new faces. Mostly, I love working with people who have curiosity, ambition, and a genuine desire to be better and make the world better.

Sound like you and your team?

Connect with me about your vision, whether it’s a key note or a multi-day experience — I can travel to you, you can visit me, or we can meet virtually.

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